Great sourcing
shouldn't be
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Source Agent gives you the insights and strategies to address spend intelligently and wow your stakeholders.

How it works

Need your sourcing and procurement team to “do more with less”?
Source Agent can help!

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Quickly Categorize Spend

Categorize and visualize spend in days.
How we do it
  • After loading 12 months of supplier-level spend, Source Agent will quickly classify suppliers to the NAICS industry standard.
  • As not everyone uses the same supplier for the same goods or services, supplier classification is easily changeable.
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Gain access to SAP Business Network and other data insights

Let Source Agent do the hard work.
How we do it
  • We associate your critical spend areas with relevant facts from the SAP Business Network for Procurement and other data partners.
  • “What’s hot” view of sourcing trends relevant to your business, increasing awareness of time-sensitive opportunities.
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Rapid time to value

Use the power of true SaaS to quickly convert data into eSourcing insights and drive outcomes.
How we do it
  • No implementation!  No configuration!
  • Be productive with your classified spend before most implementations are through design phase.

Drive outcomes

Source Agent helps you strategically apply eSourcing to more categories through our expertise and experience. Get more from your eSourcing investment.

Address more categories with new insights.
Use category-relevant insights to improve your sourcing strategy.
Maximize the value of your eSourcing software investment.
Better engage stakeholders with increased expertise.

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View your data with sourcing insights and spend classification in as little as a few days.

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