Great sourcing
shouldn't be
a secret

Source Agent gives you the insights and strategies to address spend intelligently and wow your stakeholders.

How it works

Need your sourcing and procurement team to “do more with less”?
Source Agent can help!

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Identify opportunities

Identify sourcing opportunities by aligning your spend to current market intelligence.
How we do it
  • “What’s hot” view of sourcing trends relevant to your business, increasing awareness of time-sensitive opportunities.
  • Rapid supplier classification using a common standard, allowing application of insights from Source Agent and our data partners.
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Personalized strategy

Receive a targeted sourcing strategy and supplier recommendations based on your data and requirements for each spend category.
How we do it

Insights gleaned from the SAP Business Network, our partners, and eSourcing event experience allows you to up the pace of your sourcing team.

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Take action

Quickly convert strategies and plans into eSourcing event prep and execution.
How we do it

Easy to use technology provides guidance in a customized digital experience to unleash the power of your eSourcing platform.

Drive outcomes

Source Agent helps you strategically apply eSourcing to more categories through our expertise and experience. Get more from your eSourcing investment.

Address more categories with new insights.
Hit sourcing targets for savings, diversity, sustainability, and other corporate goals.
Maximize the value of your eSourcing software investment.
Better engage stakeholders with increased expertise.

Opportunity Assessment pilot program

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Our current Opportunity Assessment pilot program is limited to US-based companies. If you are interested in learning more, send an email to with your contact information, company name, and area of interest.

Learn more

Interested in learning more? We are currently offering free consultations where you can learn more about how Source Agent can help.
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